Three Ways to Grow Your Social Media Conversion Rate

July 31, 2019

When you create your social media marketing strategy your main goals are to build awareness about your brand and to turn that awareness into conversions. So what happens when you start to feel like you’re not getting conversions from your social media efforts?

Here are three ways to grow your social media conversion rate.

Include Calls to Action

Often times it takes just a few small edits to your current and upcoming posts to increase your conversion rate. Of course you can’t simply add “buy our stuff” to the end of your posts but you can do it in a nonchalant way to create conversions.

The best way to include a call to action is to tell a story and then allow your posts to naturally lead the reader into the next step which is to take action on something. This can be action taken on an opt-in or to purchase your next course product or service.

Another great way to include your call to action is by adding humor to your posts. For example J.Crew does a great job at doing this on their Instagram posts. They recently posted an image of their models with the caption “Outfits designed with your next post in mind. (Kidding. Sort of.) Get ready for every summer occasion in our RSVP. Yes shop at the link in bio.” As you can see they did a great job at adding humor as well as adding a call to action.

Here are a few tips on how you can set up your profiles on each social media channel to include a call to action in addition to your posts:

  • Facebook - Set up a CTA button to show on your profile.
  • Instagram and Twitter - In your profile description add “shop here” “view our store” or “click for our services” along with the link to your website.

Split-Test Your Social Posts 

If you’ve already changed your strategy and you’re still noticing your social posts are not converting you may want to have a little data behind any edits you want to make. A good approach is to take 30-45 days to split-test your posts and gather data.

You can split-test posts by using your social scheduler analytics. By reviewing what style of posts get the most engagement you can start to see patterns on what your followers want to see more of. Once you realize what they want create posts that give them more of what they want.

After you’ve realized the patterns of what gains the most engagement the next step is to edit your content to reflect this new strategy.

Create Advertising Campaigns to Get More Eyes 

After you’ve seen which content gets the most engagement and edited your content strategy to reflect that the next step is to create advertising campaigns to get more eyes on your content.

With Facebook Pinterest and Instagram you have the option to create advertising campaigns around those posts. When you set up your campaigns you can create multiple ad sets which give you a chance to adjust your text and imagery for the ads.

Here are a few tips to create ads that convert:

  • Use video posts
  • Create content that includes humor and a call to action
  • Don’t spend a bunch of money on production – create something your customers can relate to
  • Use lifestyle imagery

Other ways to increase your social media conversion rate:

  • Be consistent with your branding
  • Let user-generated content take charge of your social media posts
  • Check your analytics on posts
  • Make landing pages mobile friendly

If you’re looking for help converting your social media posts contact excelerate Digital to strategize and revise your social media strategy.