Tips for Marketing Your Franchise

June 01, 2018

The franchise industry is booming projecting a 6.1% growth from 2017 to generate $451 billion for the U.S. economy by the end of this year. While it’s an exciting industry to be in franchise marketing is uniquely challenging.

Franchises live between a national brand marketed by the corporate office and a localized strategy for reaching individuals in the community. Developing a strategy that effectively localizes audience messaging and budget while providing the home office with the necessary metrics and insight can help mitigate these challenges.

Here are some tips for creating a synergistic marketing strategy:

Custom Audience Targeting

Franchises differ in population demographics affluence and local competition. By identifying the needs and preferences of the particular market each franchise serves a custom audience can be crafted for each location. With a target audience in mind franchisees can more effectively reach the right consumers at the right time in the buying cycle.

Mobile & Geo-Fencing Capabilities

With the average American spending over four hours a day on a mobile device mobile advertising and social media marketing are powerful tools (eMarketer). Franchises can also use location data like geo-fencing to help convert online traffic to foot traffic. Geo-fencing allows businesses to track customers within a proximity of their brick-and-mortar location offering repeat customers special offers promoting an upcoming event or even advertising to competitor’s customers. Geo-fencing also provides an opportunity for tracking ROI by measuring the amount of foot traffic generated by targeted mobile ads.

Provide Reporting Transparency

For the corporate offices and local management to fully understand their campaigns the data and reporting should be completely transparent. Tracking the reporting on the mobile users in the proximity of the franchise as well as the performance and spend on keywords domains time of day and days of the week provide quality data relevant to specific locations. This data can also assist franchisees in evaluating marketing efforts and adjusting their target audiences for better results.

Managing the online presence for multiple franchise locations is a tall task but with the corporate office providing national brand awareness and the franchisees developing localized custom strategies those challenges can be met with success.

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