Visual Branding: Choosing Colors and Typography

September 24, 2017

You have an idea for a business you chose the perfect name and you figured out the perfect tagline.

Now it’s time to brand your business. This can be a daunting task. You want the colors type and imagery to represent your brand perfectly. So where should you start?

Here are a couple tips for choosing the elements of your brand imagery:


Research has shown that color influences people’s emotions in a variety of ways. It is the first thing that stands out. Remember that color is contextual. You might buy a shampoo bottle that is bright green but you might not buy a car that color. So when choosing brand colors consider the nature of your product or service.


What do you want to communicate through colors? If you are going for professionalism use colder bold and clean colors. If you are going for energetic and friendly use warm and bright colors. You want to choose colors that differentiate your company from its competition but you don’t want it to go outside the realm of what you are trying to sell. For example it would probably not be a good idea to brand a cleaning product with brown; it would convey the opposite message. If you are in need of inspiration for your color palette this article has some good ideas.


Typography communicates more than just your message. The right font choices will enhance your message and the wrong choice will detract from your credibility. Just like color fonts can also elicit emotion. Some are universally reviled and others are hailed for their elegance.

Are you in a professional industry where you need to convey trustworthiness and reliability? In that case a traditional font is good to show longevity and conservatism. Or are you selling something more fashionable or transitory? You might want a modern casual font to convey playfulness and personality. If you do choose a fun or whimsical font make sure that it is legible. Readability should be a high priority. For more guidance on choosing a font this article is a good place to start.


Colors and typography apply to your logo and to other aspects of your business including signage your website collateral materials products – maybe even your place of business. It usually takes several mockups to arrive at a fully effective combination of imagery color and font. Look at other companies in your field to see what is effective and get feedback from people whose opinion you value – people who know design and people who know your industry. Your visual branding influences how customers and the public in general perceive your company so keep working to refine it until you know it’s right.

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