Website Design Trends for 2017

April 21, 2017

Popular website design trends we’ll see a lot of this year.

When was the last time you updated your design? One year? Two? Maybe more?  Perhaps your website needs a makeover.

New trends in web design are being driven by the fact that mobile usage continues to grow and wearables are becoming popular. Those designing sites need to think simple small and user-friendly.

Here are some design trends you should consider implementing on your current website or using when building a new one.

Emphasis on Content

Websites are going back to basics. Make sure the focus is on the content and remove distractions. Consider getting rid of sidebars banner ads signup boxes and other graphic elements and features that are cluttering your website.

Easy Scrolling

Due to the fact that more and more people will view your website on a mobile device you should design your website to look good while scrolling. Use an attractive yet simple image video or message at the top that entices the user to scroll for more information. Pack most of the information towards the bottom to help with SEO while avoiding distracting users at the start.

Simpler Navigation

Less is more in 2017. Due to the needs of mobile phone users you will see simpler navigation. Keep links to a minimum and condense information to fewer webpages. Some websites are incorporating trendy pop-out navigation on the side or bottom of the page so that the user doesn’t have to scroll back to the top.

More Imagination

Time to get creative. You will see a variety of unique elements this year including imaginative header styles hand drawn elements geometric patterns and shapes and custom typography. This is where a well thought out brand can really shine. You want your design to be different and stand out from the crowd.


One popular trend that is showing up more and more is the use of gradients. That refers to using two color over an image blending them with subtle variations. This helps add color and draw the eye. This technique can help upgrade your images if you are lacking in that department. As shown in the example below Ingram Cole & Land use a violet and pink gradient overlay to create a warm welcoming look.

Highlight Videos and Animation

Video continues to grow and your customers are getting more accustomed to watching videos on all platforms. You will see businesses using video on their homepage to inspire educate and welcome visitors. Include an easy-to-find option to turn sound on and off as many people do not welcome auto-play. You will also see animations such as GIFs to demonstrate product uses and ideas.

Think Neutral

The last few years have been very colorful. You will continue to see color but there is a trend towards a neutral color palette with colors that you would see out in nature. Think of the forest the beach and the sky and choose earth tones that are softer on the eyes.

More Landing Pages

When ads or social media posts link to your home page users have to figure out where to go next if they’re interested in pursuing the suggestion that brought them to your site. Your home page is necessarily somewhat general so it doesn’t directly support the product-specific sales message or draw users deeper into the sales funnel. Instead direct users to a landing page. Landing pages increase conversions because they work as part of a process with your ads or social messaging to lead users straight to the sale.

Stay ahead of your competition by incorporating these 2017 design trends. If you are unsure where to start excelerate Digital can help. We will work with you to create or redesign a website that keeps your business up to date and on trend. Contact us to learn more.