What You Need to Know about the New IGTV

August 15, 2018

Instagram recently announced a new feature that allows users to post full screen videos up to 1-hour long. With 1 billion users on Instagram this provides a new opportunity for brands to promote products spotlight customers and employees stream live events and tell their story on a deeper level. This is an especially smart move by Instagram since mobile video is projected to account for 78% of total mobile data traffic by 2021 (eMarketer). Here’s what you need to know about IGTV and how it’s rivaling other video platforms:

  • Younger viewers are watching videos from their favorite Instagram creators more than professional videos through other channels.
  • Videos can be accessed by downloading the IGTV app or within the current app. IGTV channels can be set up on a mobile device or desktop.
  • Videos cannot be recorded in the app; only pre-recorded videos can be uploaded. When uploading a video on a mobile device the video cannot exceed ten minutes in length. Creators have the ability to upload videos longer than ten minutes on the desktop.
  • Videos are permanent unlike Insta Stories that expire and they have the ability to add links to websites on the video.
  • IGTV will provide videos that are fully vertical rather than requiring users to turn their phone horizontally.
  • Videos start playing as soon as users open the app like turning on the TV. It will automatically resume playing a video the user didn’t finish the last time they opened the app.
  • Users can swipe up to discover new channels and switch between “For You” “Following” “Popular” and “Continue Watching.”
  • Similar to watching TV IGTV has channels based on creators. Any creator a user follows on Instagram will be added to their IGTV channels.

While IGTV does not currently allow paid promotions advertising capabilities may be available in the near future. This will provide even more opportunity for brands to reach potential consumers.

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