What's In a Name? How Branding Can Make Or Break Your Company

January 28, 2019

Branding can make or break your business. Making a powerful impact immediately is the key to successful branding. According to a study by Harvard humans make decisions in about three to four seconds so how you present your brand is everything.

The first thing your customers see is your company name followed by your logo. Make sure you represent your company clearly and effectively.

Follow these tips to create a great first impression:

Keep it simple (short and simpler names are more successful) - When you’re creating your brand you want to easily be remembered and to stand out. Having a company name that is short achieves this. Think of the company names Apple Uber Lyft and Google. They are short one word and exemplify the overall messaging of what their brand is about.

Stay on topic (stick to your brand) - Choosing a brand name that’s short isn’t the only thing you should focus on. Deciding who your ideal customer is and what your brand is going to do is also a factor you should consider when choosing a name. Stick to topics that your brand represents. For example Lyft is a car service that gives people lifts from one place to another. They took a spell on words with their name to make it more unique and have it stand out a bit more than its competitor Uber.

Create a memorable logo (make an impression) - When people see your logo you want them to know it’s your brand with or without words. The Pepsi symbol doesn’t need to have the words “Pepsi” for consumers to know the blue red and white circle is a representation of Pepsi. Incorporating your brand colors into your logo also helps keep brand consistency across all marketing avenues.

Keep your voice consistent - Most people think your name and logo is all your ‘branding’ needs. Brand voice is even more important than both of those. Why? Because how you convey your message to your ideal customers and fans is how you will attract those fans and customers eyes. Your brand voice must remain consistent across all channels - blog posts social media posts customer service replies telephone consultations and comment replies.


Remember your brand voice isn’t just a representation of your company it should also be a representation of the type of customer you want. If you’re marketing to college kids then emojis slang and abbreviations will likely resonate with them. If you’re marketing to other age groups find out what type of tone they are using in their everyday lives and mimic that for your brand voice.
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