What’s the Point of Organic Marketing on Facebook?

May 06, 2019


Each month it’s important to create content for your business's social channels but it may seem like it’s getting harder and harder to get the attention of Facebook’s audience without using a paid-ad strategy. So you may be wondering why you should even bother with organic posts. 

Organic posting is still relevant on Facebook and you should not stop posting however there are tactics you should implement to get the most out of your organic posts if you're not ready to dive into paid ads. 

Don’t post YouTube links to your social channel.

Facebook is trying to compete with YouTube so naturally any YouTube links that are posted on Facebook will not get favored in a news feed. It’s better to take the content you post on your YouTube channel and create a snippet or sneak peek of the content and direct your followers to go to your YouTube channel to see the original video. 

Don’t include link posts.

It’s been proven through BuzzSumo research that link posts gain the least amount of engagement and views within a news feed on Facebook. 

Go video not photo.

BuzzSumo completed an in-depth analysis of Facebook posts with still image video and photo and 73% of video posts did better! In the past memes and quote photos were popular and gained the most engagement but today they are no longer performing. If you’ve not yet created a video-post strategy for Facebook contact us at excelerate Digital. Our team of social media marketers will create a strategy that works for your business and your audience. 

Ask questions.

While video posts are capturing the highest engagement in news feeds question posts are trailing right behind. What are question posts? Question posts are where you generate a post around asking your audience a question. This gives your audience a chance to reply and share this post to their pages to then keep their audience engaged with the conversation. Facebook likes posts that people are interacting with and asking a question is a great way to get interaction. 

Tip: Keep your question short. The mind can’t help but reply to something that’s short and isn’t asking for a book-style reply. Your goal is to get a reply that’s more than five words but short enough so that everyone can keep up with the comments and the question at the same time.

 Why is Video Dominating Facebook’s News Feed?

Facebook has been public about wanting to be the number one website for social interaction and connecting the world. Currently YouTube is dominating in the video arena and Facebook is realizing how quickly video has gained popularity. 

With that being said Facebook has made many changes over the past few years to ensure they are taking small steps to capture as much of their user's attention as possible. 

Another reason they are wanting to take video to the next level is for advertising dollars. Naturally the news feed is running out of real estate space for advertisers and video is another avenue they can use to top the charts. 

Facebook launched Facebook Watch where small television shows are able to be housed. You may have heard of Jada Pinkett-Smith's Red Table Talk show which is through the Facebook Watch program. This show alone gets millions of views per episode and Facebook wants to use this same philosophy for businesses and users alike. 

As you can see updating your Facebook’s organic strategy is an important step you should take for your business to gain the maximum number of engagements per post and also to capture your audience’s attention. If you’re looking for help with strategic planning and implementation or if you simply don’t have the time to do this on your own the team at excelerate Digital can help. Schedule a consultation today or give us a call at 866-413-7289.