Why Businesses Need to Gain Social Media Intelligence

August 22, 2018

Social Media Intelligence is universally defined as “The management and analysis of customer data from social sources used to activate measure and recalibrate marketing and business programs.” But what does that mean exactly and how do businesses harness the tools to improve their social media marketing efforts?

Many businesses do well to post content to their social media accounts boosting posts or using paid advertising. Marketing teams may even receive monthly reports to see how well that content performed. While this is an important process in building brand awareness and increasing sales merely posting and reporting is not enough anymore.

Social media intelligence goes beyond simple statistics past the likes shares retweets and re-grams. It uses tools and technologies that allow businesses to monitor social conversations about their brand track new trends and analyze data points that provide insights to consumers’ social behavior. From there businesses can make informed decisions based on the data and measurements gathered from social media reports.

Here’s how to start gathering social media intelligence:

Social Listening

All brands start with social listening by collecting data from various platforms and organizing it in a way that is easily managed and understood. This helps businesses understand their prime audience better know which products drive sales and identify the content that generates engagement. Tracking dashboards and tools can be used to monitor brand mentions search relevant industry keywords and track competitor analysis. These key metrics give businesses an idea of what consumers are saying about their products and the messages they respond to.

Beginning Analytics

With a basic understanding of how and where to obtain data as well as how to understand metric reports businesses can begin learning how to analyze the data for strategic implementation. These analytics can also help track the performance of campaigns and keywords establish KPIs for future campaigns and set up alerts for brand mentions that could affect online reputation.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics translates the data to drive an actionable strategy. For example when a business experiences a spike in fan growth beginning analytics reports the growth and contributes to the KPIs and campaign performance. Advanced analytics goes a step further for the business to understand what content or strategy is responsible for the increased following and build on the successful aspects of the marketing strategy. Complicated backend processes are also included like “topic extraction through natural language processing social pattern detection automated influencer identification. . .” (BrandWatch).


Advanced analytics provides a higher comprehension of social media metrics and helps marketing teams improve brand health identify key influencers retain loyal customers further segment target audiences and stay on top of trends and competition. The analytics can be distributed to other departments including HR sales customer service and development to help drive those strategies as well. Proper integration and distribution of the insights interpreted from the data can keep businesses informed in real time with the ability to reach the right consumers with the right message at the right time.

Social media intelligence helps businesses more directly target their best consumers pinpoint unique times for reaching them and improve the overall customer experience. Contact excelerate Digital for help with your social media marketing strategy.