Why Snackable Ads are the Way to Consumers’ Hearts

December 05, 2018

The average millennial spends 5.4 hours on social media every day spreading out the time in short spans of scrolling through posts and ads. In a mobile-driven world with decreasing attention spans videos – specifically short ones – have proven to be an effective way to reach today’s busy consumers.

According to Vidyard videos under 90 seconds long see an average retention rate of 53% which is 31% higher than longer videos. Additionally mobile devices will account for 72% of all online video viewing by 2019.

So how do you elevate your brand awareness and drive traffic to longer videos posted on your landing pages? Snackable ads.

Snackable ads are short high-quality videos that are easy to share on multiple platforms and provide a lot of information in a minimal amount of time. They are mobile-friendly and drive traffic to your website social media page or YouTube channel. Here are some tips for creating snackable ads to make your way to consumers’ hearts:

Plan Shoot Edit

Whether you re-use video content you already have or create brand new content plan what you want to highlight and how it can guide consumers through your online sales funnel. Make sure to write out the shots transitions and voice or written transcript for the video. Use natural light whenever possible and capture more footage than you will actually need or use in the clip so you can edit it down to the best parts. To help cover more in the short time period speed up the video and add the transcript as text over the video for consumers who don’t turn the sound on.

Link to Longer-Form Videos

Short teaser videos draw consumers in and help improve brand recall when they visit your video social page or website later. Linking those short nuggets to longer-form videos such as product demos customer testimonials or culture videos can funnel consumers further through the sales process. Making your branded video content short concise and shareable will increase brand awareness and encourage consumers to watch longer more informative videos.

Add a Call-To-Action

From teaser clips to longer-form videos adding a direct call-to-action that is relevant to the content of the video will help guide viewers to desired landing pages encourage them to share the video or even make a purchase or subscribe. This call-to-action can drive that final conversion that started with a snackable ad.

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