Why You Should Be Thinking About Passive Users in Your Marketing Strategy

June 21, 2019

A passive user is someone who typically spends their free time scrolling through Facebook or Instagram simply because they are bored and not because they are interested in interacting or engaging with an ad or post.

So why would these be the people you should be thinking about when you are creating your marketing strategy? Simple these are your test goers. You see passive media users can be categorized within one of these 6 user segments:

  • No shows - people who use social media the least amount and rarely buy online
  • Newcomers - passive users of one social platform
  • Onlookers - they share no information themselves but actively watch others
  • Cliquers - use one network where they can be popular among a group of friends or family
  • Mix-n-minglers - regular sharers who interact with everyone on social media
  • Sparks - the most active and engaged users (these will be your ambassadors)

By identifying which of these categories your passive users fall into you can more easily determine your strategy to turn them from passive users into buyers or brand ambassadors.

How To Monetize Passive Users

Once you use your user data to figure out which category the majority of your passive users fall into you can then create a marketing strategy to capture their attention. For instance Facebook stories have been a game changer for Facebook because it’s realized that the people who engage with this feature are bored and looking for things to grab their attention - perfect for advertising!

The point of advertising is to get your product or service seen by as many people as possible. When you’re targeting users who are currently in the middle of doing something such as watching a video posting new content or writing on a friends wall - they are busy and not looking to engage with an ad. Stories are different because people are scrolling to find something - the user wants you to distract them.

Fun fact: In January 2019 Facebook reported that 16.6 billion ad dollars in Q4 of 2018 were dedicated to stories both on Instagram and Facebook. Even more impressive is of that data ⅓ of those viewed stories were created by businesses!

Another way to monetize passive users is to know which device they are using. Digging deeper into your analytics to find out which device users are viewing will help you to know which options you should use when spending your ad dollars.

Both Instagram and Facebook allow you to create ads that cater to mobile devices or desktops. If you have more of your passive users engaging on desktop than mobile - spend your ad dollars advertising to those who use this device.

Making Passive Users Work For You

When gathering user data it’s important to get your users to work for you so your ad dollars and marketing strategy are effective. It’s no surprise that web advertising is now going to mobile advertising and TV advertising is becoming less popular. Consumers need ads that work with any device and screen size so your ads should be transparent to deliver this experience.

Are you ready to excelerate your passive-user marketing strategy or do you need the tools or bandwidth to dig into data and analytics? The team of digital marketers at excelerate Digital can help. To discuss your needs give us a call today or schedule your consultation online.