Your Business Can Benefit from a Podcast: Here’s How

September 28, 2018

With the amount of time consumers spend listening to audio podcasts provide a way for businesses to talk about their products highlight customers’ stories discuss industry news and information and gain a loyal following. Additionally advertising on podcasts can help increase brand awareness and boost sales. Here are the benefits of podcasting and what you need to know to start your own:

Podcasting Benefits:

  • 61% of podcast listeners make a purchase from podcast ads.
  • 93% of podcast listeners are also on social.
  • Podcast have a high rate of engagement with loyal and supportive listeners. They are selective when choosing what they want to listen to and usually curate the podcasts by topics they are most interested in.
  • Mobility allows consumers to listen anywhere making it part of their daily routine.
  • Provides a multi-platform exposure to websites email subscriptions blog subscriptions social media channels and in-person events.
  • 62% have an annual income of $75000 or higher and 51% have at least a four-year degree. Being in the higher education and income bracket makes podcast consumers more likely to make a purchase from an advertisement.
  • Feels more personal to consumers and creates a relationship with the brand.

5 Steps to Get Started:

  1. Outline your ideas: Create a plan for how you want the podcast to run. Decide the types of episodes or segments you want who will host the show what guests will be featured how long will each one be what topics will you talk about and how often you want to create and distribute them.
  2. Plan out episodes: Go further into detail to plan and schedule the first few episodes. Create a basic to detailed script outlining the topic and main points you want to discuss.
  3. Set up your equipment and space: It doesn’t take much to record a podcast. In fact if all you have is a smartphone that’s enough. There are several easy to use apps that allow for portability when recording. If you would rather invest in better audio equipment you can record directly to a computer or SD card with microphones and cables.
  4. Record and edit your podcast: Now that you have a plan start recording. When you’re done recording you can use free editing software to remove any awkward silences or parts you don’t want in the final cut.
  5. Distribute your podcast: Now that you have a polished piece of audio you can publish it to iTunes. There are several other distribution and hosting services you will want to check out as well.

It’s really that simple. With a little thought and preparation you can tap into the world of podcasting and reach a broader loyal audience or promote relevant products and services on podcast ads.

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