Newsletter July 2017

Monthly Meetings

Beginning July 19 we’ll be hosting monthly excelerate update hangouts. The intent is to provide communication and updates as well as training to all excelerators and Ad VPs. Topics will vary depending on what is timely and going on at the time. Watch for the upcoming meeting invitation from Becky Tracy, and plan for the third Wednesday of each month, noon eastern time, going forward.

Lexington Google event

Google Premier Partner events are heating up in the markets this summer. The most recent event was held in Lexington where it was standing room only with 89 attendees at the Signature Club.

GA, the featured speaker from Google did a great job speaking on consumer impacts of living in a mobile-first world and winning the biggest opportunities in the smallest of moments. What Google refers to as micro moments.

The opportunities are continuing to roll in from the event. To date the team has met with 34 customers as follow on from the event and sold $14,500/month in new contracts, with more in the pipeline. Way to go Team Lexington! Heather McGinnis summed it up, “This event was a great introduction of excelerate in our market and it was great for my team to get more comfortable.”

Events are scheduled through the summer in Modesto, Stockton, Seattle, Wichita and Bradenton. And the fall calendar is beginning to fill up. If you are interested in learning more about hosting an excelerate/Google Premier Partner event in your market contact Mitzi Miyoshi.

How trendy are you?

Are you into any of these hot trends?

  • Embedded VR
  • Suspended adulthood
  • Quantified self-care
  • Analog divergence
  • Condensed Broadcast

These are just five of the top 20 hottest trends in 2017. For a fun look at all 20 trends and consumer insights take a look at this video from Trend Hunter. .

Get to know . . .

one of the newest additions to our out of market sales team in Atlanta. Meet Chris Marxmiller.

– If you could have any super power what would it be and why?
I would say being able to read people’s mind. Professionally and personally, I believe that would be amazing. I know my wife wishes I could sometimes! 🙂

– What inspires you?
I’m inspired by so many things; however, I’d have to say my family is the closest to my heart.

– What’s your favorite food?

– What jobs did you have in high school and what lessons did you learn from them that you still put into practice today?
I was very active in sports throughout high school, so I only had a couple temporary summer jobs. One summer I was working as set up and break down for vendors at AmericasMart in downtown Atlanta. Being earlier than on time and doing the job I was told to do were key principles I still use today.

– What’s the last thing you binge watched?
The Office. I had already seen the show all the way through to when it last aired, but went back and watched the entire show again recently for fun. One of my most favorite shows of all time.