Newsletter May 2017

updates from Marketing Services Team

We continue to seek out and add to our arsenal of features and solutions to bring more value to our clients. Of late, we have three new additions. These may seem fairly transparent to clients, but we thought it might be beneficial for you to know about these leading edge solutions and analytics that we will be integrating into our media plans and reporting over the coming weeks.

  • DoubleClick Search is a platform that will extend our advanced tracking capabilities to paid search and link with display campaigns so we can see how display and search ads are working together. The platform also extends our buying to Bing, providing access to more inventory and a favorable cost per click.
  • DoubleClick Bid Manager is an existing platform we use a lot for display advertising. We’re getting access to some new features in Bid Manager such as access to YouTube inventory and Google’s look-alike audience models to help boost the reach of our client’s campaigns.
  • LiveRamp is a data partner who takes a client’s customer list, and matches it to users online that we can target with advertising. They can also link a client’s purchase list with our attribution system, DCM, helping us bridge the question from our clients, “What ROI did I get from your services?”

As another update, we’re working on V2 of the Media Plan template and the CIA. We appreciate the feedback many of you have shared and we’re working hard to address the pain points. So stay tuned for the new and improved:

  • Media Plan template: A deck with fewer slides that more clearly connects solutions with client’s goals.
  • CIA: A more precise document that aligns with Blueprint training while still collecting data that’s critical to pitching excelerate level clients.

get to know Branded Content Studio

As our focus on high quality content continues to grow, we’re excited about the opportunities we have in partnership with the Branded Content Studio. The Studio is currently engaged in two client projects – Blood Source and City of Salisbury and also in the midst of creating testimonial and branded videos for excelerate, one of which is featured in this newsletter.

We’re thrilled to be working with Rachel de los Santos as our dedicated partner and looking forward to teaming up to bring more creative, high quality content solutions to life for our clients. We had the opportunity to interview Rachel recently.

What advice/tips do you have for pitching video as part of a holistic digital marketing solution?

When pitching video/branded content, there is a larger chance that we can create a strong relationship with the client. Getting to know the brand’s identity and creative direction, in depth, is key when pitching sophisticated tools such as video and informative content. By pairing our offerings with high quality design and modern storytelling, our work will resonate not only with the client but also with their audience.

What do you think are the biggest ‘unknowns’ or ‘misconceptions’ that clients have about video, and how do we overcome these in the sales process?

I think a big unknown is the high quality storytelling that branded content incorporates in our video offerings. We can overcome this in the sales process by communicating to clients that our team of former journalists and designers produce informative and impactful content, which is not found in just any “video/tv ad” (sometimes a misconception clients have about video).

What do you see as the biggest opportunities with branded content for excelerate clients? Can you provide some specific applications or examples?

There is always an opportunity for branded content with excelerate clients. I think a dream opportunity would be utilizing every avenue of branded content/storytelling as a packaged format (delivering a memorable branded experience through executing an event, video and interactive medium combined).

What’s the best way for us to work together to support the sales and proposal process?

Effective communication and being familiar with each team’s processes.

Can you tell us a little bit about City of Salisbury? What is the client’s objective? What is the solution that’s in production?

The City of Salisbury wanted to position itself as a technologically advanced business leader in the Southeastern United States and an ideal place for growing businesses and families to establish their roots. Our solutions in production include delivering an op-ed article, infographics and listicles (including unique and high quality photography) promoting the best of Salisbury.

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

Getting to collaborate with creative people and learning more about the unique businesses and goals our clients have to share.

If you had a time machine where and when would you travel?

San Francisco in the 1960s

What are you watching on TV/your screen these days?

The Crown, Chef’s Table & VEEP are on my queue

What’s your favorite vacation spot?

Any pristine island in the Philippines!

new additions

We’re continuing to grow and add talent to our team. Please welcome the newest members of the excelerate team.

client spotlight

We’re excited to launch a new client video testimonial. Take a look at how excelerate helped drive foot traffic to Summit Fair retail center in Kansas City.

We’re continuing to produce more video testimonials, so check back to the site often to see the latest. And if you have a success story with measurable results and a client who’s interested in going on camera for a testimonial, please bring those forward. We’re happy to work with you to create a video testimonial. Contact

have you heard of this? “nomophobia”

Nomophobia is:

a) A therapy for easing one’s anxiety of motion
b) A fear of being without your mobile phone
c) An insect that preys on herb gardens

If you guessed ‘b’ you’re correct! Addiction to your phone. No-mobile-phone-phobia. Is this you? Someone you know? Nomophobia is not uncommon in our mobile world. For advertisers, consumers’ changing relationship with their phones offers opportunities and challenges. Exactly what we’re in the business of helping our clients with.

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