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 Miami, FL

Our digital marketing approach isn’t something you’ll find at a typical agency. We have a full-service team of digital strategists digging deep into both your business and your competitor’s data to determine the right digital marketing tools you need to move your Miami-based business forward.

With our expert team’s comprehensive research background and industry know how, we create 100% custom marketing solutions. Not only do we know the right digital marketing tools to use to get your business where you want it to be, we have a comprehensive set of tools to choice from, whether it’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Video Marketing or Programmatic Advertising.

We know every facet of the Miami-based business marketing landscape and can guide your business to success. Call or click to contact us below and a Miami-based representative will contact you to get the process rolling.

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 Miami, FL

Without leads, your business will wither. So at excelerate Digital Miami, lead generation is our top priority. We generate healthy sales funnels for businesses of every size and type. Whether your KPIs are form fills, emails, or click throughs, we listen to you and learn everything we need to know to achieve your business goals through online marketing.

With our extensive background in online marketing in Miami and our wide array of tools like SEO, Google AdWords, Programmatic TV Ads, Video Marketing, we generate the leads you need to thrive.

Our team lives in the beautiful, eclectic community of Miami and we’ve been a part of this community for years. As members of your community, we truly know the unique needs of Miami-based businesses better than other marketing companies.

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 Miami, FL

It’s a common saying in our Miami office – you’re only as good as your awareness. Why? Because your company’s brand awareness is the true measure of how your brand is doing with your target persona. That’s why our sole focus in our digital-only, brand awareness campaigns is to grow your Miami-based brand through national or regional content distribution.

Basically, it’s all about the relationship. Rather than focusing on increasing sales here and now, our brand awareness campaigns build solid relationships with your ideal, target audience that lead to increased sales and repeat customers.

We’re passionate about helping businesses share their story with their target audience by creating exciting, thoughtful brand awareness campaigns for the Miami-based businesses we work with.

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 Miami, FL

Many Miami-based businesses know that paid advertising generates high quality, targeted traffic fast, yet many still worry whether their ad spend is being used wisely.

That’s why our excelerate Miami digital advertising experts are dedicated to your campaigns’ success. Rather than the typical set-it-and-forget-it approach, we setup, run, and optimize campaigns for paid search and paid social daily. When we watch your paid advertising closely, we are able to see how your campaign is going in real-time and when we need to change it up.

Whether your strategy includes Programmatic ads to Google AdWords, we manage every detail to ensure we find the perfect solution for your business.



 Miami, FL

Your Miami-based business is unique and special. That’s why we only design completely unique strategies specific to our clients’ business. You won’t find any of that pre-packaged stuff here. Because we know your goals are different from other businesses – even businesses that offer similar services as you – every strategy we develop is completely and 100% custom made.

Working with us, you’ll feel the excelerate Miami difference. You can expect the white glove treatment, no matter what your budget is.

Working alongside you, we provide 100% transparency and clear communication so you always know exactly how your campaign is going. When partnering with us, we become an extension of your Miami-area business and work with you to provide solutions that we can both be proud of.

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Excelerate Miami was created with the desire to provide small to medium-sized businesses all the advantages of a large-scale digital ad agency without restrictive costs and commitment.

From our years of experience managing campaigns from local businesses to Miami’s most well-known brands, we know that great digital marketing is an in-depth understanding of our clients’ goals, data driven awareness of our clients’ industry and a sharp eye on the campaign from day one. We’re committed to accomplishing our clients’ goals and are dedicated to creating smart, successful campaigns.


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