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We’re your local Charlotte based digital marketing agency with over 20 years of combined digital marketing experience and we help businesses discover, define and conquer their goals.


Charlotte, NC

We are more than just a Charlotte digital marketing agency – we are a team of digital explorers digging through business and audience data to discover how our clients can reach their potential customers.  

With data in hand, we build 100% customized marketing strategies with our expertise in SEO, Video Marketing, Social Media, Programmatic Advertising and much more. 

Let’s talk about your business goals! What’s the next step? Give us a call or fill out a form to get in touch with one of our Charlotte, North Carolina based representatives. We’ll chat about your business and marketing goals and will work with you to find the right marketing solution 

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Charlotte, NC

Without leads, your Charlotte area business wouldn’t survive. At excelerate Digital, we help you generate the leads that make sales and increase your customer base. Whether it’s calls, form fills or click throughs, we listen to you to understand your lead generation needs and execute a successful campaign.

We utilize several online marketing methods to generate the leads that achieve your monthly goals such as Google Adwords, SEO, Targeted Display Advertising, Video Marketing and more.

With our team located here in Charlotte so we fully understand the needs unique to a North Carolina based business and know the community you are reaching out to.

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Charlotte, NC

Your company’s brand awareness is a true measure of how well recognized your brand is among your ideal, target market. A digital brand awareness campaign’s focus is to grow your brand through engagement and national, regional or local content distribution via digital platforms.

It’s all about the relationship. Instead of focus on increasing sales right this minute, your brand awareness campaigns help build that deep, strong relationship with those target customers.

At excelerate, we understand the importance of development this relationship and our dedicated data and research teams know your target inside and out. Combined with our love of creating stories, we have the skill and ingenuity to increase brand awareness for the Charlotte-based business we work with.

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Charlotte, NC

Many Charlotte businesses know that paid advertising generates high quality, targeted traffic pretty fast. But when it comes to cost, many businesses wonder if their advertising dollars are used wisely.

At excelerate Charlotte, our team of digital advertising experts are dedicated to the success of your campaigns. We don’t simply set it and forget it — we’re in it for the long haul. We set up, run and optimize campaigns for paid search and paid social DAILY so you can rest easy. By closely monitoring your paid advertising, we know how successful your campaign is going and know when we need to change it up.

From Programmatic to Google AdWords, we manage it all and help you find the best solution to fit your business.

Paid Advertising Services


Charlotte, NC

Just like your business is 100% unique, our strategy for you will be 100% unique. Our digital marketing team understands that every business has completely different goals in mind and that different strategies must be taken to accomplish them.

From the moment you start working with excelerate here in Charlotte, NC, you’ll feel the difference. Each client we take on is our partner and you’ll truly get the “white glove” treatment, no matter your budget.

Transparency and collaboration are also critical to us. We are more than a digital marketing agency. We are an extension of your business that delivers custom marketing solutions we are both proud of.

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About Us

Excelerate Charlotte launched with the desire to provide small to medium-sized businesses all the advantages of a large-scale digital ad agency without restrictive costs and commitment.

With years of experience running campaigns from small local shops to Charlotte’s most well-known brands, we’ve learned that great digital marketing is simply a clear understanding of our clients’ goals, a data driven awareness of our clients’ market and a vigilant eye of the progress of the campaign from day one. We’re committed to achieving our clients’ goals and we’re passionate about executing smart, successful campaigns.


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